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Luddy & Associates works with a wide range of students, across grade levels, abilities, and educational environments. These stories depict progress in the quality of the students' lives.

Robert is a second grade student who loves to dance, run, jump, swing, and play on the computer. He has been included in general education classes since first grade. He loves books, media, music, puzzles, and coloring with pencils. Robert has autism. Luddy & Associates has provided consultation for the past year. Robert spends 80% of his day in general education settings, has a Positive Behavioral Support Plan, and uses an iPad to read his schedule, choose activities, and relay information about his day to his family. Robert is now more independent on the playground at school, and attended two birthday parties this past school year!


"Our son needed a champion. We were fortunate that you were it!"  

- Father of 8-year old son with autism

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