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Special Education Support Services

Differentiated Instruction
Positive Behavioral Support Planning
Team Teaching & Collaboration
Instructional Strategies & Modifications for Inclusion
Trans-disciplinary Integrated Therapy Services
Curriculum Development

Transition Consultation and Planning

Career Discovery and Planning
Person-Centered Program Design & Support


Independent Educational Evaluation
Transition Assessment
Program Assessment
Community & Home Based Assessment 
Curriculum Based Assessment 

Ecological Assessment

Technical Assistance

Instructional Strategies
Para Professional Skill Development
Curricular Modifications & Accommodations
Program Consultation
IEP Training & Development
Resource Allocation
Team Building & Collaboration
Behavioral Support Planning
Inter-Agency Facilitation

Transition Planning

Secondary Transitions: high school - work/college

Intra-District Transitions: elementary-middle; middle-high school 
Out-of-District placements to Home School District 
Transition Assessment
Transition in the IEP
Systematic Vocational Planning
High School to Post-Secondary, Work & Community Options

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